söndag 8 april 2012


With our suitcases packed, mom, my sister and I started our journey to Barcelona early in the morning. A flight from Landvetter took us to Frankfurt and further to Spain. We decided to go on with a train in to the city, but a strike made us go by taxi. We arrived to a cosy little hotel right by the harbor! The staff was very friendly. Hotel 54 Barceloneta. 

My sister googled before we left sister and found a Desigual outlet store. With help by our map we found the store! They have lots of cool clothes for us and for children! And of course, we visited the big Benetton store with lots of nice clothes for kids!

Mom is intolerant to gluten. She (or we all was) very happy when we found a sandwichplace where they had many different choices sin gluten (without gluten)! Conesa was the name of the store at Pl. Saint Jaume.

The weather was great, warm like summer!!!

Of course, we did some touriststuff too.

We walked barefoot in the sand!

Need to have a cup of coffee. This is outside the hotel.

Our hotel!

We had a wonderful trip and are already thinking about redo this to another city soon!
Thank you for your attention! ;)

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